Why I HATE exercise! – and the rest of the gimmicky highly marketed exercise classes that go with it!

Hate is a really strong word, I know, but seriously my head is becoming really really sore… because everything ‘exercise’ causes me to FACE PALM! I do realise, that as a coach, I have the ability and tools to change the way I react to these things and replace the face palming with something more constructive… like this blog post! But face palms really do sum up what I think about exercise! So here goes! Read more

Why I run… and more importantly, the reasons that are not included!

I’ve commented a few times on running… only once on my very new shiny facebook page, but on my personal page. And it occurred to me yesterday that I should probably explain a little more about why I run and the reasons that are not included because I am a very big candidate (coming in the next blog… I think) of NOT exercising! Huh??!! You ‘heard’ me right! Read more