The Other Type of Training

Even before motherhood, there were always obstacles to training and sport (rock climbing). It would rain and the climb I wanted to do was wet, or the person I was supposed to be climbing with couldn’t make it at the last minute, or I got sick, or my much loved car that I loved driving, but hated maintaining or getting serviced would die (again). Those obstacles popped up far less before becoming a parent then the obstacles I face these days. I’m tired, no actually, I’m exhausted! My son gets sick and we get even less sleep and then get sick ourselves or sometimes he is just having a hard time and wants to be like a koala and on me all day – which makes training super difficult! These obstacles pop up very frequently!

I’ll admit these obstacles have the ability to frustrate the hell out of me because I love training and sport and I love working towards goals. Although I realise that sticking to my training plan is not my ultimate goal, improving as quickly as possible and doing my absolute best and competing and of course winning is. But to do that I still have to put some work into it… I have to train. But, being physically unable to train doesn’t mean I can’t train! Read more