Tuck Shop Arms or Triceps

Tuck Shop Arms…. Bingo Wings… or Triceps!??

You know, even in my ‘super athlete’ days, toning my triceps was hard! I never really found anything that worked well… And if you’ve heard me speak on this before, you will know, that doing those damn ‘tricep’ workouts (or any other body part workout for that matter) that you find in fitness magazines and on pinterest, that have you doing many different exercises, many different times… are a WASTE of time!

I started doing yoga for the strength/core benefits… as I found out, not only do I LOVE it! But my triceps are friggin awesome! And on the odd day that I decide to try a deep body weight tricep dip – I can almost almost do it! So they are strong as well!

Normally I don’t perform these one after the other (when doing yoga) but here are the arm balances that I do at least once a week (each) that keep my triceps looking good! – And yes, you read that right… once a week… maybe twice! Not a lot of work for an excellent outcome!!!

And I also want to point out… I’m not doing these perfect… maybe they look impressive to you, but compare me to someone who is really good at yoga… and… you know… But my point is, that even when I couldn’t do these at all and I was just ‘trying’ them… I STILL had great results! So don’t be put off thinking you can’t do it, so it won’t work for you… I use these exercises with my clients and even just trying, only a little bit, they get results!!! 🙂

Crunches Suck!

Crunches Suck!

Here are some FUN and FUNCTIONAL ways to keep you ‘On The Ball’- lol

These will up your overall strength, stability and CORE strength!

Get someone to ‘spot’ you if you are worried about falling… just have them place their hands on either side of the ball – they can either take the wobble out or just be there in case you roll

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Bedding, Sleep and Your Health!

Whether you are trying to lose weight or get stronger, your physical results build upon a foundation of health… No point having ‘great abs’ but being sick all the time!

We spend so much of our time asleep… so make your bed a ‘healthy’ place too! It’s like working on your goals while you are sleeping!!! 🙂 I LOVE multi-tasking lol 😉