Lauren van der Mast

Health and Sports Coach and Consultant,
Personal Trainer, Author


Be Free Shine:

“When you are mentally and emotionally free, you can’t help but Shine!”
– Lauren van der Mast


Vision Statement:

My vision is to create and leave a healthy, happy and safe world for my son to thrive and raise his own children in, by healing the world through health coaching and consulting. Bringing emotional intelligence to the forefront and helping people raise their emotional awareness to better understand their individual health and the impact that their thoughts, beliefs and emotions have on their physical health. Also to highlight the ripple effect, how conscious health choices not only benefit themselves, but their relationships, their children and the long term health of our planet.


My definition of health:

Health is far more than being free from disease or infirmity and it isn’t found in diets or healthy ‘lifestyle eating plans’, nor with exercise.

Health is a state of mind. It is determined by your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, which create your intentions and actions which lead to your results.

To have health, a healthy body or to shed excess weight, you must first free yourself from the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that created the ‘problem’ aka symptom, in the first place. Replace it with love and you will Shine!


Mission Statement:

“Creating a healthier, happier, safer world”

“Be Free Shine is a health wake up call, here to cast a light on the need to treat the cause of health issues rather than the symptoms, for example; weight gain, illness, disease or injury and to take the hard work and need for discipline out of health and weight loss.

Coaching people to heal their internal world first so that their thoughts and intentions are in alignment with their desired outcome and their actions reflect this.

Our mission is to increase the emotional intelligence of all people so they can set themselves free, heal themselves and live in a way that heals our world.”