Classes & Courses

CORE Strength and Stretch:

60 minute class

30 minutes of Pelvic Floor activation and challenge through a range of exercises aimed at building a stronger you from the inside out to improve all aspects of your training and enhance results.

30 minutes of deep stretching to improve range of motion and support correct Pelvic Floor and Core function.

Improved range of motion to support training and correct technique, improved body function and strength, improved posture, decrease wear and tear on joints, preparation and recovery for/from pregnancy, faster recovery from training, increased flexibility, balance and co-ordination, improved energy levels.

Who is this for:
Athletes/Weekend Warriors wanting to improve whole body function and strength
Seniors wanting to stay mobile and independent
Anyone wanting to improve their Pelvic Floor and Core function.

Wednesday’s 5:30pm at Adrenalin Fitness, Laurieton

STRONG from the Inside Out!

5 Week Course

This program will be running 11am Monday’s for 60 – 90 minutes at St Peters Church Hall, Laurieton. It will begin on the Monday the 22nd of May and run through to the 26th of June (there is a public holiday on the 12th of June and the class will not be on that week.)

About the course: Learn how to improve your health through Natural Human Movement. Improving your Posture, Pelvic Floor and Core Strength and Flexibility, supports a Stronger, Healthier body. In this class I teach you how to correct your posture and gait (walking pattern), how to correctly activate and strengthen your pelvic floor and core and how improving your flexibility/range of motion will elevate your health and fitness goals, whether you are an athlete, a senior or preparing for pregnancy and birth.

What to bring: Yoga mat/equivalent, towel, water, pen and paper


  • Improve your posture
  • Decrease wear and tear on joint – which may reduce associated pain
  • Increase pelvic floor strength and core function
  • Get your body ‘into shape’ from a better birth
  • Recover from pregnancy and birth (natural and cesarean)
  • Boost your body’s own detox system
  • Learn the difference between exercise and natural human movement and what is actually a necessity for health
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Increase flexibility/range of motion
  • Improve recovery from training

Who is this course for:

  • Athletes/Weekend Warriors wanting to decrease chances of injury, improve recovery and progress pelvic floor and core function to promote overall sporting performance
  • Seniors wanting to stay mobile and independent
  • Woman for pre/post pregnancy and birth
  • Those wanting to reduce back/knee/hip pain or improve flat feet
  • Those wanting to improve their pelvic floor and core function/or have a pelvic floor disorder

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* You do not need a USI for this course.

More classes and course coming soon! Both locally and online!