Course – STRONG from the inside out!

STRONG from the Inside Out!

5 Week Course

This program will be running 11am Monday’s for 60 – 90 minutes at St Peters Church Hall, Laurieton. It will begin on the Monday the 22nd of May and run through to the 26th of June (there is a public holiday on the 12th of June and the class will not be on that week.)

About the course: Learn how to improve your health through Natural Human Movement. Improving your Posture, Pelvic Floor and Core Strength and Flexibility, supports a Stronger, Healthier body. In this class I teach you how to correct your posture and gait (walking pattern), how to correctly activate and strengthen your pelvic floor and core and how improving your flexibility/range of motion will elevate your health and fitness goals, whether you are an athlete, a senior or preparing for pregnancy and birth.

What to bring: Yoga mat/equivalent, towel, water, pen and paper


  • Improve your posture
  • Decrease wear and tear on joint – which may reduce associated pain
  • Increase pelvic floor strength and core function
  • Get your body ‘into shape’ from a better birth
  • Recover from pregnancy and birth (natural and cesarean)
  • Boost your body’s own detox system
  • Learn the difference between exercise and natural human movement and what is actually a necessity for health
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Increase flexibility/range of motion
  • Improve recovery from training

Who is this course for:

  • Athletes/Weekend Warriors wanting to decrease chances of injury, improve recovery and progress pelvic floor and core function to promote overall sporting performance
  • Seniors wanting to stay mobile and independent
  • Woman for pre/post pregnancy and birth
  • Those wanting to reduce back/knee/hip pain or improve flat feet
  • Those wanting to improve their pelvic floor and core function/or have a pelvic floor disorder

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* You do not need a USI for this course.