Personal Training

Got a Health or Sport Goal?

Here’s how I can help You!

Personalized Personal Training sessions to get you from where you are now, to exactly where you want to be!

My approach is simple…

Training Sessions are:

  • Results focused
  • Specific to you and your goals
  • Based on functional training
  • Based on creating strength from the inside out, which enhances results from all other training and transfers into improved sporting ability, creates stability and stability in movement patterns and decreases chances of injury


  • Improved posture, which decreases wear and tear on joints in the body and decreases associated pain
  • Improved pelvic floor function and core strength which improves overall strength and stability and is essential for pre and post pregnancy/birthing (natural and by cesarean) and preventing pelvic floor disorder/prolapse for women AND men!!!
  • Improved range of motion to support training and correct technique
  • Improved body function and strength through movements
  • Improves health and aids in weight loss/maintenance

Who this is for…

  • Athletes/Weekend Warriors – who want to get faster, stronger, decrease chances of injury, improve recovery and have your RESULTS far outweigh the effort (get the most bang for your buck!)
  • Seniors – who want to stay mobile and physically independent and decrease postural associated pain (such as knee, hip, back pain)
  • Women – who are preparing for pregnancy or are pregnant and preparing for birth or for recovery from both (even if many years later) – whether natural or cesarean
  • Gym Junkies – who have a strength or fitness goal and you want the most effective training program to get you there and ensure you have the correct technique which will improve results and decrease chances of injury
  • Health and Weight loss – if you want to improve your health and lose weight healthily and for good!

Personal Training sessions are 60 minutes and held at two gym locations or outside/at your home in Laurieton/Port Macquarie area.

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