Personal Training

Lauren is very knowledgeable in her field. She listened to my needs and worked with me to make training fun. I always looked forward to my sessions with her. With her experience she expanded my awareness to looking at my wellbeing as a whole, which has allowed me to live a much more fulfilled life. Training with Lauren put me in the best shape physically, emotionally and mentally. I cannot speak more highly of her!

Siyan (Sydney, Australia)

I meet lauren 10years ago very unfit and over weight. I found her very experienced and when it came to me she understood my body and my limits. Before I knew it the weight was coming off and my fitness was unbelievable. As sad as it was lauren moved away to better things but left me frighting fit and wanting to reach my goals. Today i am a personal trainer and i wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her training and most of all her encouragement and making me believing in myself.

Karen (Sydney, Australia)

I can highly recommend Lauren for her effective and varied training, makes training fun for me! She also has great insight into nutrition and personalising it all to suit my lifestyle. Great results thank you Lauren

Coreena (Sydney, Australia)

Health & Weight Loss Coaching

Working with Lauren has been such an incredible experience for me, there’s no words to truly express how grateful I am for the sessions with her. When I first contacted Lauren, I felt very confused about my life. There were many things I struggled with and had no idea how to change them, something I had been trying to do for many years. I was lacking self-love, trust in myself , confidence, dealing with perfectionism, uncertainty about the direction of my life, negative body image and sorting my emotions with food which I had been constantly fighting for many years.

It was amazing how Lauren was able to look at my problems from a different perspective and always find the exact thing that was holding me back. With her help I have changed my thought processes and regained trust in myself. My self-confidence has also increased which has enabled me to start things I am passionate about. Over the few months I have been working with Lauren, I have achieved amazing things in my career and personal life which I would not have been able to do without her help. Lauren has the amazing gift to ask the right questions when she listens to your story and this quickly helps you to realize how your mind/ego is playing up with you and what the right answer is for you (which, for me, was often the very opposite to what I had originally thought).

I feel so grateful for finding a path to my true-self and being able to appreciate who I am and where I am in my life right now. At the very beginning, self-love was something quite foreign to me (to be honest I thought, how can I even love myself after disappointing myself so many times by failing?). Thanks to Lauren’s gentle guidance and advice, I was able to look at myself and my life situations with a new light and gained so much more understanding into why some things were repeating themselves without achieving much progress. Now I feel truly happy with my physical body and no longer seek the love and appreciation from outside…as I know I am a beautiful person. I have learned to be with my emotions and just allow them to pass rather than mask the pain with food. I feel so much more freedom in my life, I don’t stop myself from doing things I love, from going to places I want to or from seeing my friends from a fear of being judged…I feel free 🙂 Thank you so much Lauren, your help will stay with me forever 🙂

Veronica (Sydney, Australia)

It was almost spring and I was heading for the 4 0, yes 40!  I sat on my lounge feeling overwhelmed, feeling unhappy and out of control. I was working in a high pressured job and raising 2 beautiful girls on my own, driving a nice car, surrounded by great people but I was still alone and feeling overwhelmed. My eating was out of control and so was my life.  I had very little time for myself and therefore getting to the gym and planning healthy meals was becoming less and less achievable. I started to browse through Facebook and noticed a post requesting feedback on the best diets around. People were suggesting all kinds of things and then I saw a post from Lauren explaining that it’s not diet and exercise alone we need, it’s also getting to the bottom of your self belief system. The negative thoughts holding us back, past painful memories for some. It triggered me…that was it for me. I knew I had to find out what it was holding me back and decided I needed a coach to help me get through this. I contacted Lauren who responded that evening. I was excited and there began my journey. Over the next 12 weeks Lauren and I Skyped once a fortnight. I couldn’t wait for the fortnight to come around quick enough. She made me feel at ease and like someone cared and was willing to help me.  I wasn’t alone anymore. If I was upset or feeling overwhelmed throughout the week I would contact Lauren via email. She was always available to me.

Lauren has a ‘real’ gentle and understanding persona. I remember the first appointment being a little nerve racking as I was about to off load my most personal and frightening experiences. She made me feel at ease and that’s when I knew I had made the right decision to get help. Lauren is someone who truly cares about what you are going through. She really connects with you on a deep level and works with you on your journey to self discovery and healthy living. She has a warm and professional attitude that makes you feel at ease. Lauren was always available to me and helped me to start living again.

If you are ready to make changes in your life and find out what’s holding you back, then I would highly recommend you contacting Lauren. You will find that bounce in your step again.

Allina (Sydney, Australia)

Sometimes life throws huge opportunities in my direction, and when this happens I become overwhelmed and anxious without the tools to make the best decision for myself. I often choose the option that feels easy and safe. After speaking with Lauren in depth about the emotions I experience I had a moment of clarity. I realised that what I really felt was fear from lack of confidence and low self esteem. This fear was paralysing me and holding me back from experiencing the successes in life I so greatly desired. Thank you Lauren for helping me become more self aware and showing me the right tools to make decisions.

Michelle (Sydney, Australia)